18 Oct 2023

INSTITUT IGH, d.d - General Assembly Invitation for 01.12.2023

The General Assembly of INSTITUT IGH, publicly traded company for research & development in construction , (short name: INSTITUT IGH, d.d.), headquartered in Janka Rakuše 1, 10000 Zagreb, registered in the Commercial Court Registry in Zagreb under the identification number (MBS) 080000959, OIB: 79766124714 (hereinafter: "the Company"), will be held on December 1st 2023, at 1:00 PM at the Company's headquarters, Janka Rakuše 1, in Zagreb.

The agenda of the Assembly will be as follows:
  1. Opening of the General Assembly, determination of the number of present and represented shareholders, and the number of votes;
  2. Decision on the election of the President of the General Assembly;
  3. Financial report for the year 2022, as determined by the Management & Supervisory Board of the Company, with the report & opinion of the auditor,
  4. Management report on the state of the Company for the year 2022,
  5. Supervisory Board report on the conducted examination of the annual financial reports, the report on the state of the Company, and the supervision of the Company's business operations for the year 2022.
  6. Profits distribution decision of profits earned by the Company in the business year 2022.
  7. Discharge granting decision to the Management for the business year 2022.
  8. Discharge granting decision to the Chairman & members of the Supervisory Board for the business year 2022,
  9. Company's auditor appointment decision for the year 2023,
  10. Management report on the reasons for the complete exclusion of the preemptive rights of existing shareholders in the share issuance;
  11. Decision on the simplified reduction of the share capital for the coverage of losses and simultaneous increase of the share capital;
  12. Decision on Amendments and Supplements to the Statute of INSTITUT IGH, d.d.

Shareholders may participate in and vote at the General Assembly in person, through their legal representatives, or through attorneys-in-fact, based on a power of attorney certified by a notary public. The power of attorney must be submitted no later than upon arrival at the Meeting. You can find the the participation application for the General here:

For revocation of your power of attorney, click here.

The materials serving as the basis for discussion & the adoption of published decisions at the Company's General Assembly, as well as the power of attorney form for representing shareholders at the General Assembly, are available for inspection by shareholders at the Company's business headquarters in Zagreb, located at Janka Rakuše 1, every working day from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM from the day of publishing this invitation until the day of the General Assembly, as well as on the Company's www.igh.hr  and here:
- Croatian version,
- English version.

You can submit your applications in person every work day from 8AM until 4PM at Janka Rakuše 1, in Zagreb or via email to igh@igh.hr.

For all inquiries, feel free to reach out at igh@igh.hr