Marija Đurković
MSc. ChemE, Ph.D.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) connects people, technology and processes for improved construction and maintenance.

With the entry of BIM into our market, we were compelled to think about work methods, revise the processes we used until then, and step out of our comfort zone. Traditional methods of designing and developing projects, which today's engineers have perfected through many years of application, are now gradually being replaced by new, digital, sometimes even futuristic tools, often causing fear and uncertainty among these same engineers.

We should never see BIM as a threat to architects and engineers because computers and software will never be able to replace engineering experience, understanding project challenges and the design process itself. As we at IGH often say, BIM ensures that engineers spend their time on engineering instead of procedural work. With the proper use of BIM, repetitive tasks can be automated, but this is only a tiny piece of a bigger pie where the main ingredients are accurate cost estimation, construction simulation, optimised planning, and better reporting.

Digital transformation is omnipresent today, so it has not bypassed the sphere of building modeling either. Following the trends of digitisation in construction on the European and world market, INSTITUT IGH has introduced BIM processes into its operations and offers a wide range of BIM services:


In one place, we offer more than 160 specialised professional services to our civil engineering and construction contractors. Most of the services provided by IGH include designing in various areas of the industry. Our multidisciplinary approach will enable you to incorporate different work areas, such as requirements to optimise resources, ensure compliance with deadlines, minimise errors, and better manage and implement changes. BIM immediately stands out as the perfect solution for this kind of approach.

No matter what project stage you are in, IGH offers many services that can be tailored to your specific needs or project requirements.


With our help, traditional 2D drawings can quickly become modern BIM models that contain numerous information needed for various forms of analysis. Also, through this process, we can evaluate the project and revise all the shortcomings be it construction plans of buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels or power plants and similar structures. Using the experience of working on various projects, we can create your BIM models from LOD 200 to LOD 400. Depending on your requirements and wishes, you can later use such models for various reviews and control checks.


Complex projects with thousands or even millions of elements are challenging to coordinate in a traditional 2D environment and control errors. When such a document arrives at the construction site, it often becomes the cause of work delays, which in most cases results in additional and unforeseen costs.

Avoid such situations and save money with thorough and detailed clash detection. Recognise physical clashes of model elements and conflicts of elements with the service space of other features. Coordination meetings based on our high-quality clash detection reports will also reduce the stress caused by additional project changes and result in a cheaper construction process.


One of the most critical questions in the construction process of any structure is: How much does it cost? Every participant wants to know how much money is needed to complete the project.

We combine unquestionable experience and the use of BIM technology to give you the answer to that question.
The bill of quantities combines the cost information collected on actual projects. Therefore, you can be sure that the given amount is not just an approximate value but a fact based on many years of experience.


By using detailed BIM models, our engineers can carry out expert supervision of the construction site, control works in progress and analyse the planned and current situation on the construction site.

The extensive experience we have gained by providing technical supervision on the most significant infrastructure projects in the region, combined with high-tech BIM models, allows us to quickly respond to any changes during the project's construction phase. These changes are the most sensitive and often cause complications, delays, and increased costs, so we can help you overcome these challenges.


Large projects involve many subcontractors working together on the project. Organising such teams can sometimes be a very complicated and delicate task.

Here is where the 4D BIM model comes to our aid, which helps us optimise the presence of all involved parties on the construction site.

In case of unpredictable events on the construction site, we can react quickly, include new factors in our simulations, and offer solutions that will suit everyone. If you allow us to coordinate your subcontractors, the project and team will function flawlessly and quickly.


According to various research, in the life cycle of a structure, the amount of costs for the planning and construction phase is only 20%, while the other 80% is for its continuous management.

If you want to integrate the BIM model into operational procedures, it is mandatory to define a standardised inventory of assets, so it can manage information at the maintenance and operational level, which is crucial in this process.

Institut IGH can help you establish responsibilities during project development (e.g. who will be responsible for which part and, most importantly, when and what should be realised (design, construction and building management).

BIM model will store all-important construction documents in your digital copy with all the information needed to manage the construction.


INSTITUTE IGH offers the creation of an as-built BIM model, which enables clients to see the actual status of their building and provides them with information on what has been built concerning the project plans. Such a model provides clients with accurate data, regardless of changes on the construction site during construction.

The as-built BIM model is also helpful in cases where it is necessary to reconstruct existing buildings. Using drones, lasers, and photogrammetry, we perform accurate scanning and, based on such a recording, we create a BIM model.

This approach has saved time and money compared to traditional renovation processes.


EIR, BEP, CDE is a bunch of acronyms that confuse you. We are here to help you.

With our experience on large construction and infrastructure projects, we can provide professional assistance in creating the documentation that is crucial for the start of a successful BIM project.

Based on your needs and wishes, we can create detailed project tasks that will ensure that BIM on your project functions smoothly and significantly saves time and money.

We can help create a BIM execution plan that defines how, when and what information will be delivered during the project.


IGH has been a certified partner of Autodesk Network since 2021. As an authorised Autodesk Training Center, we can offer you specialised Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D and Navisworks courses led by engineers certified with the Autodesk Professional standard (certificate).

 Thanks to our rich experience on various projects, we provide quality education to architects and civil engineers, including specialised ones for designing bridges, tunnels, support structures and other construction structures.

Do you want to improve your knowledge or make your first BIM steps? See the schedule of our education and send us a request for an offer. (click the drop-down menu with the contact option directly)


You must have heard much about BIM by now; the only thing bothering you is that you don't know where to start. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We are not foremost software experts and IT, but we are familiar with all construction processes and can offer you specialised solutions. We will assess your needs, create an optimal education plan, and create BIM content adapted to your business.

We will support you with the first BIM steps but also help you finish many BIM marathons.

We adopt the BIM implementation plan to the client's specific needs and create it to provide you with a return on investment as soon as possible.

With the help of INSTITUT IGH, start your digital transformation.


Many say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Instead of numbers, texts and blueprints, you can realistically present your idea to all project participants with our render videos and high-quality images.

Our experts can create visualisations for you to sell real estate and participate in tenders or presentations to investors and the public.

Bring your project to life and provide clients with a realistic experience of your structure.

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