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Ports are an important factor in the progress of the local, national and regional economies. In marine construction projects, the INSTITUT IGH, JSC integrates the entire process from development, planning, consulting, project management, and design work to final implementation.
River ports


Seaports are a fundamental element in the development of the maritime economy and are one of the most important drivers of economic activity. They have a crucial impact on the development of the transport system in general but also on the development of many related activities such as trade, services, construction, manufacturing, fisheries, tourism and energy. Maritime buildings belong to the group of highly complex construction projects. They are characterized by the need to integrate a wide range of multidisciplinary expert competencies. It includes the knowledge of climate, wind and wave conditions, and marine engineering, which are crucial for the entire project's stability, quality and longevity. Competencies in geotechnical research with accompanying analyses are essential, as well as knowledge of designing variants of foundations on different bases, experience in calculating coastal and coastal structures, and designing infrastructural elements and their functional contents. The INSTITUT IGH, JSC approaches every maritime project by considering environmental protection, the sea and cultural assets. Our approach pays close attention to the assessment of the foundation. This assessment includes soil and rock characterization through research, analysis and calculations, and finally, identifying the optimal foundation model to ensure cost efficiency and control of project dynamics.
The INSTITUT IGH, JSC, is an active participant in improving Croatian seaports, with references like technical supervision over the construction of the Gaženica ferry terminal in Zadar or the design of the Gruž passenger port in Dubrovnik. The potential for improving Croatian seaports is significant, especially considering the development plans for tourism. The INSTITUT IGH, JSC, has a rich history of developing seaport projects. We are proud to participate in implementing nearly all port projects in the last few decades in Croatia. In Croatian ports of international interest (Dubrovnik, Ploče, Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Rijeka), as well as those of significant county and local importance, we approached each project with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm.
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The intense development of nautical tourism in recent decades has imposed the need to develop all its segments. It also promotes the importance of nautical tourism ports and their role as an additional driver of the growth of the local economy. In addition to receiving and accommodating ships, nautical tourism ports are also equipped with resources to provide services to users and ships, thus becoming a significant factor in tourism development and other related service activities. Nautical tourism has been highlighted as a sector of great importance amid the coronavirus pandemic.
INSTITUT IGH, JSC experts have comprehensive experience in marina projects. We want to single out our current agreement on business cooperation for performing professional supervision in the marinas of Croatia's most prominent company in that field - Adriatic Croatia International Club. Under their management are 22 marinas on the Adriatic coast, in which projects related to new functionalities and maintenance of existing ones are constantly taking place.
We are pleased to point out the recently started contract for consulting and design services on the project of the luxury tourist complex Montrose in Montenegro.
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River ports, as well as inland ports in general, are the essential elements of the inland waterway transport system of each country and region, and the efficiency of the overall integrated transport process depends on them.
Expert teams of the INSTITUT IGH, JSC participated in the design of the reconstruction of the bulk cargo handling terminal on the Danube River in the port of RKM 1336 in Vukovar, while geotechnical experts completed field geotechnical exploration works and projects on the southern shore of the Osijek basin. Like seaports, inland ports are the driving force behind the development of various economic activities. Therefore, the development of inland ports and waterways in many countries has expanded the area around port locations. Such actions significantly contribute to raising multimodal transport capacity and establishing balanced relations in transport development through a more pronounced orientation towards inland waterways.
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