Engineering structures

Mario Ille
MEng C.E, PhD.
INSTITUT IGH, d.d., is an indispensable station for all services related to engineering structures, from conceptual design and development of all projects, testing and professional supervision during construction to maintenance and rehabilitation.
Structure management

Structure management

INSTITUT IGH, d.d., offers consulting services from conceptual design, development of project documentation of all kinds, organization of building management, own specialist tools to support making short-term and long-term decisions about investments in maintenance, as well as service for the introduction of work procedures.

The maintenance of roads and road structures, such as bridges, viaducts, and tunnels, in the broadest sense and in the time context, belongs to building management. It is a business process that includes activities that optimize the use of specific construction infrastructure so that during the pre-agreed period, the most significant possible benefit is achieved.
The INSTITUT IGH, JSC, is equipped with sophisticated field equipment for on-site testing of buildings and, in cooperation with IGH laboratories, solves all existing building issues (infrastructure, energy, roads and facilities on them, all the way to the highway network management system). As part of this activity, the design of the rehabilitation of various infrastructural and other facilities was developed. The INSTITUT IGH, JSC offers projects for the restoration of bridges, and monumental heritage buildings, projects for the reconstruction of industrial and other facilities and pavement structures, and the implementation of expert supervision services over repairs and reconstructions.

During the past years, about a hundred investigative works and preparation of remediation projects have been performed, as well as monitoring of the implementation of remediation works through design, expert-specialist supervision and control / current tests. The buildings on which these activities were carried out are primarily bridges and overpasses (60-70 of them), ab structures in building construction (hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, factory buildings, halls, schools, kindergartens), hydro-thermal and nuclear power plants, plants for wastewater treatment, sewage collectors, tanks, tunnels, airport service areas, high chimneys, and cultural monuments.

A special place among the tasks related to infrastructure maintenance has recently been occupied by projects for the categorization of load-bearing capacity and the rehabilitation/reconstruction of railway bridges. This includes the implementation of expert-specialist supervision and quality control of performed works on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of structural railway structures (culverts and bridges).
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