Mario Ille
MEng CE, Ph.D.
Design is one of INSTITUT IGH's core business activities, and by that, we mean a whole range of professional services in all market sectors.

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Depending on the client's needs, our engineers, architects, and other experts can offer the complete service of developing conceptual, preliminary, detailed, and working designs in all sectors:

  • Infrastructure (roads, highways, railways, traffic areas),
  • Engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, overpasses, underpasses, pipelines, towers, industrial plants),
  • Geotechnics (dams, tunnels, underground structures, foundations, protection of pits and cuts),
  • Water engineering (structures, use and protection of water, artificial canals and waterways, hydropower systems),
  • Maritime facilities (sea and river ports and marinas),
  • High-rise construction (public and private buildings),
  • Airports,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Energy and industry
  • Preparation of design documentation for all transport facilities (motorways, state and other road categories, car parks and underground car parks), railway lines and road structures – bridges, long-span and complex geometry structures, as well as long tunnels with cutting-edge safety and technical equipment, landscaping designs, noise protection designs, and designs related to waste disposal.
  • A conceptualisation of architectural projects and solutions, design of water engineering structures, industrial plants, public and private buildings (residential, business, public, sports, health, economic and other facilities) and geotechnical design.
  • Finding solutions for demanding structures under heavy loads, such as steel mills, refineries, sports facilities, and power plants.
  • Development of all levels of project documentation: developing conceptual, preliminary, detailed, and working designs and reviewing all project documents.
  • Creation of reviews/evaluations of already created project documentation at the request of clients about its quality, which our experienced designers and auditors do.
  • Creation of tender documentation, as well as management of the procedures necessary to obtain location and construction permits.
  • Designs of traffic equipment and signalling, temporary traffic regulation studies for roads and motorways and tender documents for all infrastructure designs.
  • Preparation of tender documents for infrastructure projects, construction-technical and traffic studies, feasibility studies, environmental protection, and professional basis for obtaining location and construction permits.
  • Spatial planning and urbanism: spatial development plans, urban development plans and detailed development plans, spatial and traffic studies, studies of spatial possibilities, technical consulting (consulting services) in the field of spatial planning and urbanism.
  • Physical-planning documents, urban planning, and design for the development of diverse activities, including the conservation of precious and non-renewable natural resources.
  • Traffic and traffic infrastructure planning, creation of traffic models, design of financing and management models for traffic infrastructure, and analysis and consulting in traffic safety.
  • Designing the rehabilitation of bridges, buildings of monumental and cultural heritage, reconstruction of industrial and other facilities, pavement structures, and the implementation of technical supervision services over rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  • Preparation of reports on the implementation of urgent repair measures, reports on the evaluation of the existing state of the structure and construction renovation projects by our structural engineers.
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