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Join us in challenges of new projects! The project portfolio of Institut IGH is exceptionally diverse and includes a large number of different areas, sectors and markets on which projects are implemented
Number of services we provide in 9 different sectors
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Precisely due to diversity of areas and comprehensiveness of IGH services, we wish to cooperate with professionals and first rate experts specialized in individual areas and companies that represent complementary partners for us, with their experience, knowledge and resources.

For 70 years, Institut IGH has been gathering the best experts from all areas of services in construction industry. From the very beginning of business operation, IGH’s business always surpassed national borders, so today our engineers are appreciated on a great number of markets where IGH operates. Today, internationalization of business operation is one of strategic objectives of IGH’s development for the period until 2022, which we plan to achieve in collaboration with experts and companies that share our endeavours.

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If you are a representative of a company that wishes to cooperate with us in realization of projects on the domestic and/or international markets, please contact us with a description of your interest at:
If you are an expert interested in collaboration on projects on the domestic and international markets, we invite you to contact us using templates in English and Croatian at:

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