Project Management

Ivan Šoprek
struč, EWE/IWE, IWIP-C
INSTITUTE IGH develops a standardized approach to project management that ensures the execution of the projects with quality, on time and within the budget.

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We have a team of project management experts (PMs) who ensure the coordination of all project participants to meet the defined project tasks, specifications, standards and working procedures. Their basic activities are:

  • Project management in a broader sense
  • Project cost control
  • Reports on project progress
  • Coordination of project participants


The project manager links the client, the project team, and the contractor. To be as successful as possible, our project managers hold national and international licenses for project management (IPMA) and have personal and company references that confirm their competence.

We provide accurate and timely reporting on project activities and resources for project management, direction, and control.

Every large project carries with it several risks that lead to changes in planned activities (e.g., deadlines), unforeseen activities (e.g., costs) and some other risks that affect the overall success of the project (interests, permits, general perception, politics and second). We have an elaborate system that recognizes potential risks and promptly removes or minimizes them through planning and research activities. Based on the analysis, a complete picture (mosaic) of the project is agreed with the necessary actions and a defined change management strategy.

The critical factor of a successful project is the communication of all participants involved, and our experts successfully ensure positive and constructive communication to execute the project successfully.

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