Our experts are the real strength of IGH
All members of IGH's management are also first-rate experts in their respective areas and recognizable on the national and international markets for their personal references
Supervisory Board
Management Board
Žarko Dešković
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Mariyan Tkach
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sergej S. Gladeljkin
Member of the Supervisory Board
Igor Tkach
Member of the Supervisory Board
Marin Božić
Member of the Supervisory Board
Robert Petrosian
Chairman of the Management Board
Robert Petrosian is Chairman of the Board of Institut IGH d.d. , the European leading infrastructure company delivering professional services across the project lifecycle – from planning, design and engineering to consulting and construction management.

Prior to joining Institut IGH, d.d. in 2013, Mr. Petrosian served as CEO, Deputy CEO, Chief Design Engineer, Project Manager, Technical office Engineer, Site engineer in international companies in different countries. From 2016 served as Director of IGH Branch in Russia and on the same position in Georgian Branch from 2017.

It is worthy to say that Mr. Petrosian was involved and managed projects in the fields of construction, design and supervision: railroads, runways, hospitals and international medical centers, power supply and substations, NPP, industrial plants and warehouses, infrastructure.

Institut IGH, d.d. and partners, with their clients in the State and private sectors solve complicated challenges, creating a legacy for next generations and aiming to deliver a better world.
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Miroslav Pauzar
Member of the Management Board
He built his long career at Institut IGH, d.d. , starting as a designer, project manager, and then chief supervising engineer on different projects in Slavonia, in all economic sectors (civil engineering, building construction, water engineering, energetics etc.). He has been the Head of Regional Centre IGH Osijek since 2013. Now he is obtaining the position as a member of the Management Board. He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences, University of Zagreb, is a holder of PMP Certificate, member of numerous professional associations and arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineering. He has also co-authored several professional papers.
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Igor Džajić
Member of the Management Board
Expert in the design of bridges, prestressed structures, concrete of ultra-high performance features and structure testing. During his rich and successful career as a contractor and designer, he has held numerous responsible positions and participated in demanding projects. Has been working for Institut IGH, d.d. since 2004. Long-standing Head of Laboratories and the Design Department, as well as holding the position of Technical Director, he is currently obtaining the position as a member of the Management Board. Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Zagreb and obtained the title of Master of Science, authored many scholarly articles and publications.
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Hrvoje Sironić
Head of Regional Centre Rijeka
Employed with Institut IGH, d.d. since 2003, he performed duties as the Deputy Head of Laboratory of Regional Centre Rijeka, a technologist for concrete structures, Assistant Head of Materials and Structures Department and Head of Laboratory for Materials and Structures at Regional Centre Rijeka. His speciality is concrete production and placement technology, condition determination and development of solutions for the rehabilitation of concrete structures. Currently Acting Head of Regional Centre Rijeka.
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Ernest Ević
Head of Regional Centre Osijek
Ante Katić
Head of Regional Centre Split
Igor Grginić
Head of design division
Zoran Trogrlić
Head of supervision & project mngmt division
Zoran Trogrlić has been an employee of the Institut IGH for over 20 years. Immediately after graduating in 2002, he joined the then Institute for Steel Structures, where he started and built his career as an expert in steel structures. As a supervising engineer, he has been involved in the construction of numerous major infrastructure projects, such as the bridge Krka on the A1 motorway, the bridge over the river Sava in Jasenovac, the Ždrelac bridge between Ugljan and Pašman islands, the Block C of the Sisak Thermal Power Plant, the modernization of the Sisak steel mill, the viaduct Odra on the A11 motorway, the HŽ1 overpass on the A12 motorway, all the way to the pinnacle of his professional career, participating in the construction of the Čiovo mainland-island bridges, the Pelješac Bridge, and the bridge over the Cetina River in Omiš. He is a two-time recipient of the prestigeus "Colossus" award from the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers for his supervision of the construction of the steel structures of the Čiovo Bridge and the Pelješac Bridge. Since April 2023, he has been serving as the director of the Institute for Supervision and Project Management.
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Goran Grubješić
Head of materials and structures division
After completing his civil engineering studies at the university in Zagreb, he joined the Institut IGH as a technological supervisor for asphalt projects. He participated in the construction of the A6 Rijeka – Zagreb motorway (Phase II) and the A11 Zagreb – Sisak motorway. In search of new challenges in the field of construction projects, he transitioned to Viadukt in 2008, the leading construction company in Croatia at the time, as the head of the Laboratory for Asphalt. He was responsible for overseeing the production and quality of asphalt on all Viadukt projects, both domestically & internationally, with a notable project being the reconstruction of the 300 km road from Nalut to Ghadames in Libya (2008-2011). He returned to the Institut IGH in 2017 as an expert and head of testing in the Laboratory for Road Construction, where he is involved in testing, supervision, certification, design, and expertise in the field of pavement structures. Since October 2023, he has been serving as the director of the Materials and Structures Department, as well as the Head of the IGH Laboratory.
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