21 Dec 2021

A new contract signed with Port Authority Vukovar approximate value of 6 million kuna

The joint venture of Institut IGH, d.d., Vodoprivredno-projektni biro d.d. and KPMG Croatia d.o.o signed a contract with the Vukovar Port Authority for the service of preparing study and documentation for the project of constructing a vertical shore in the port area of Vukovar. The project will also include obtaining location permits, decisions on environmental acceptability and building permits.

The contract's total value is HRK 5,915,000.00 (excluding VAT), while the share of the Institut IGH, d.d. amounts to 2,555,871.50 HRK.

The service includes the preparation of the following documentation:

  • Geodetic and geotechnical study
  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic-technological study
  • A preliminary design with related project components and studies (obtaining location permits)
  • Environmental impact studies (including obtaining a Decision on the acceptability of the project to the environment),
  • The main design with the relevant components and studies (obtaining construction permits)

The project aims to provide better technical conditions in the port of Vukovar, i.e. modernization and increase of transhipment capacities to respond to the growing traffic needs. The main development goal of the port of Vukovar is to ensure the flow of goods, development of the region and increase the port's competitiveness while raising environmental standards.

The development aspect of the port of Vukovar is of state interest because it directly encourages national and regional economic development.

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