16 Oct 2020

Stjepan Kordek i Zagorski vodovod- cooperation longer than 3 decades

We are extremely proud of our colleague Stjepan Kordek, who on the 60th anniversary of the Zagorje vodovod, held on September 8, 2020. in Tuheljske Toplice, received the Recognition for many years of dedicated cooperation, knowledge and commitment and exceptional contribution to the development of water management in Zagorje as the foundation of quality life of people and the development of society.

Zagorski vodovod and Stjepan Kordek have been cooperating for 37 years, and this was immortalized at a ceremony in Tuheljske Toplice. In the presence of many dignitaries, the importance of Stjepan Kordek and the IGH Institute in the development of this company was once again emphasized. On that occasion, the monograph of Zagorje vodovod was published, and a special place in it was taken by my colleague Kordek, as well as the IGH Institute for his contribution to the development of a large number of basic facilities and pipelines of the water supply network of Zagorje region.

If someone from the Institut IGH visited Zagorski vodovod today, they would surely get questions like: "How is Štef?" or "Say hi to Štef!"

Today, Zagorski vodovod is one of the largest public providers of water services in the Republic of Croatia, owned by 26 local self-government units, engaged in public water supply and public drainage, and operates in the Krapina-Zagorje and Zagreb counties. It has almost 2,000 kilometers of water supply network, more than 250 kilometers of drainage canals, 6 springs, 65 reservoirs, and 99 hydro stations and pumping plants. It supplies drinking water to about 90,000 inhabitants connected to more than 35,000 connections.

In 2019, Stjepan Kordek celebrated the 40th anniversary of his employment at the IGH Institute, where he has spent his entire working life. Many thanks to him for that and a lot of success in his further years of work.