14 Feb 2022

Starting a new year with two new contracts worth 34,8 million HRK

First, the Consortium consisting of Institut IGH d.d. and EPTISA ADRIA d.o.o. , signed a contract with Vodovod i kanalizacija d.o.o. Split, for supervision of construction works of the Split-Solin agglomeration, namely for contracts 1 - 6 (Wastewater Treatment Plant, Network and Remote Monitoring and Control System).
The total value of the contract is HRK 33,686,524.00 (VAT exclusive), while the share of Institut IGH, d.d. is HRK 13,533,583.00.
The services will include:

Upgrading, reconstruction and optimization of water supply system by:

✔ Reconstruction of 4,282 m of pipelines
✔ Construction of 60,652 m of pipelines
✔ Construction of 14 pumping/hydrophore stations
✔ Construction of 14 reservoirs with a total volume of 20,350 m3

Upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater drainage systems by:

✔ Construction of new gravity pipelines 89,504 m
✔ Reconstruction and rehabilitation of 15,468 m of pipeline
✔ Construction of pressure pipelines 14,758 m
✔ Construction of submarine outfalls 4,283 m
✔ Construction of 7 retention pools
✔ Construction and reconstruction of 5 rain overflows
✔ Construction or reconstruction of 33 pumping stations
✔ Replacement of equipment of 2 pumping stations

Upgrade of wastewater treatment plant Stupe
Improvement of the SCADA system (Remote Monitoring and Control System)

The second contract was signed with the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Medicine, and relates to the services of preparing the necessary technical documentation for the project of complete renovation-Šalata 11 building. This includes:

the preparation of project documentation (conceptual, main, and detailed design with costs estimate),

service of preparing part of the procurement documentation for the execution of works in accordance with the Grant Agreement for operations financed from the European Union Solidarity Fund, all for the purpose of rebuilding infrastructure and equipment in the field of education damaged by the earthquake.

The total value of this contract is HRK 1,285,500.00 (VAT exclusive)

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