Country: Croatia
Duration: 2013 / 2016
Value: 236 million EUR

Zagreb International Airport Franjo Tuđman

New passenger terminal of the International Airport „Franjo Tuđman” in Zagreb was successfully completed in 2016. It finally provided Zagreb the opportunity of connecting with a significantly higher number of worldwide destinations. Subsequently, it also gives Zagreb the opportunity to receive more passengers through air traffic. It has a surface area of 65.000m2 and can accommodate 5 million passengers per year. It is the largest and busiest airport in Croatia. Passenger traffic in 2021 reached almost 1.5 million, while the number was over 3 million of passengers in prepandemic 2019. In airport development projects, INSTITUT IGH, d.d. offers a complex multidisciplinary approach. By being involved in creating the preliminary, detailed and working designs, the INSTITUT IGH, d.d. gave its contribution to this immensely important project for Croatia. In the new passenger terminal, in terms of form and function, we can distinguish three distinctive wings or units. In the layout of the new passenger terminal there are the main building and linear structures of the piers to the left and right. In front of the building are eight air bridges leading to the runway. The main building consists of a reinforced concrete structure with subsequently preloaded ceiling slabs (ground floor and three floors). The roof steel grid structure of the main building is “Mero” type. It is corrugated surface of double curvature (positive and negative) which in its front part curves towards the runway forming a facade. The height of the top of the steel roof structure varies from +20.00 m to 34.00 m. The left and right outcrops consist of a monolithic reinforced concrete structure (ground floor + two floors). The second floor is covered with a cylindrical roof structure of a spatial steel grid of variable height, also of the “Mero” type.

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