Country: Croatia
Duration: 2004 / 2008
Value: 91 milijun EUR

Višnjik Sports Hall, Zadar

Višnjik Sports Hall is the largest sports complex in the city of Zadar. ŠC Višnjik is primarily intended for the city basketball club but can also be used for other indoor sports and cultural and entertainment events. INSTITUT IGH, JSC, was involved in implementing this important construction project by providing a technical supervision service over the construction of this multi-purpose hall in Zadar. Višnjik sports Hall has a capacity of over 6500 fixed seats. The floor plan has a regular circular shape with a diameter of 135.12 m and is covered with a dome 26.2 m high at the top. The usable area is approximately 14,300 m2 on the first level and about 5,200 m2 in the auditorium stands. The space consists of a central hall and four polyvalent auxiliary halls. The Višnjik Sports Center includes the Krešimir Ćosić Miltipurpose Sports Hall, the Indoor Swimming Pool and the Heating Plant. The central hall has telescopic stands that increase the playground area depending on the purpose. In the configuration with extended telescopic stands, the hall has over 7,000 seats. Multi-purpose halls are equipped for holding lower-level sports competitions, training, and various events and concerts. The indoor swimming pool dimensions are 150 x 42 m, with 7,800 m2. There are installation and service rooms in the basement, sanitary facilities, and locker rooms with all the accompanying facilities, and locker rooms with all the accompanying facilities: sauna, gym, and more. On the ground floor, there is a swimming pool measuring 25x12.5 m and an elliptical children's pool. Next to the pools, there are sanitary facilities, changing rooms and administrative and hygienic facilities, and a cafe bar.

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