Country: Georgia
Duration: 2017 / 2020
Value: 420 million EUR

State Roads of Georgia

Even though Institut IGH is active on numerous foreign markets, designing sections of Georgian state roads is an exceptional and demanding project. Our designers were engaged for the analysis of alternative road routes and design of four road sections on routes Zemo Imareti-Racha, Baghadati-Abastumani, Sno-Omalo and Lentekhi-Mestia, of total lenght 450 km.
In addition, a contract was concluded with the Ministry of Regional Development and infrastructure of Georgia, on the provision of supervision services during regural repairs, periodic repairs, rehabilitation, reconstruction, modernization and construction works, as well as clean-up procedures after disasters and other force majeure events and bank protection works to be executed on international and secondary roads in Georgia.
The total value of IGH's contract is approximately EUR 12.5 million, VAT exclusive. Today, IGH has a branch office in Georgia with about 100 employed engineers, out of which a part of experts is from Croatia, a part from Georgia and a part from the international market.

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