Country: Croatia
Duration: 2010 / 2011
Value: 598 mil kn


The new office building is located in the west part of the city at the intersection of Zagrebačka Avenue and the future extended Vrapčanska Road. The designed structure was situated among commercial and multi-family residential buildings of collective construction. The structure has been defined as an exclusive and representative business complex, which, in addition to business significance for the investor, also has urban importance for the City of Zagreb as a landmark. The intended use of the structure is commercial with individual apartments for business partners and the management. Supporting facilities in towers include an exclusive restaurant, a bar, gardens, terraces and apartments. The construction was completed in 2011, and Institut IGH provided the services of technical and financial supervision during construction. COMPLETED IN: 2011 PLAN VIEW IN THE FORM OF AN OVAL: 22 levels The building was designed with two separate parts of equal height and four connected underground garage levels. The above-ground part consists of two towers, both in form of an oval in plan view with 22 levels, which are connected from the 2nd to the 14th floors. Inside each oval, there is a vertical communication core with five elevators and two staircases that directly connect all levels from the basement to the last floor. The load bearing structure consists of a reinforced concrete foundation slab (2.6 m in thickness under the towers), reinforced concrete piers and reinforced concrete floor slab with a beam at the slab edge, reinforced concrete walls in the area of elevator and staircase cores and reinforced concrete perimeter walls at basement levels. The total area of the structure amounts to 73,010 m², out of which underground areas make up 28,829 m², and above-ground areas make up 44,181 m². The underground garage of the building has 670 parking garage places. Client: Officium partner Dalekovod ulaganja

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