Country: Croatia
Duration: 2015 / 2018
Value: 200 milion HRK

Mainland – Čiovo Bridge with approach roads in Trogir

After three years of construction (2015-2018), Čiovo Bridge was opened to traffic. The bridge will significaltly improve the quality of life of the local community by relieving the traffic congestion in Trogir and on Čiovo during the tourist season. IGH experts provided the services of complete technical supervision on Čiovo Bridge project, control testing of works ad materials (on the construction site and in production plants) and occupational safety during the phase of the execution of works
The bridge was designed in such a way to blend into the landscape, without any pretension to dominate the views of the beautiful town of Trogir. It's layout is defined in three segments, conditioned by the movable part of the bridge with a 41.2 m span, while the total bridge lenght is 547 m. The value of Čiovo Bridge exceeds HRS 200 million, and the construction was co-financed from EU funds with a grant covering up to 85% of the cost. The position of the bridge was defined between the protected historical core of Trogir and Pantana Nature Reserve. The longitudal layout of the bridge was selected according to the principles of appearance, efficiency and optimal integration into the urban environment. The bridge had to be noticeable as little as possible, with the lowest possible grade line and without any elements above the carriageway. The emphasis was on integration in the landscape, so that the bridge is almost invisible, but special, without any pretension to dominate the view of the beautiflul town of the Trogir. The centre of Trogir has in this way been relieved of traffic congestion that burdens the city every tourist seasion.
Bridge layout has been defined with three segments, conditioned by the movable part of the bridge: – first segment on the land side with spans L== 20.58+28.0+32.0+5×40.0+34.8 m, – second segment – movable part of the bridge with span L = 41.20 m – third segment with spans L= 34.80+2×40.0+32.0 m towards the Island of Čiovo. Total bridge length – L= 521.58 m Bridge length measured from the axis of end supports on abutments – L= 546.34 m Width between pedestrian guardrails – 12 m Carriageway width – 7.1 m Pedestrian and bicycle lanes on both sides – each 2.45 m in width

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