Country: Croatia

Grmoščica Landslide in Zagreb

Grmoščica Landslide in Zagreb extends over an area of 2.0 ha. The depth of slide is 5-9 m. The landslide toe is located just north of Ilica, while movements in the landslide caused lifting of the sidewalk, the north traffic lane and the best known and longest street in Zagreb. Houses were built on the landslide, which had been moving together with the landslide for years. The first stage of landslide remediation was completed at the end of 2007. Rehabilitation works included the execution of retaining structures (executed as anchored sheet pile walls) and drilled drains: Piles – 144 pcs, length 16 m, diameter 120 cm, axial distance 150 cm, Anchors – 303 pcs, three rows, length 28 m (20+8), 23 m (15+8) and 18 m (10+8), Drilled drains – 68 pcs, self-drilling type, length from 9 to 75 m

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