Country: Croatia
Duration: 2009 / 2018
Value: 143 mil. EUR

Gaženica Ferry Port and Terminal Building

Zadar is one of the largest Dalmatian cities and in summer of 2018 it got a big and modern ferry terminal it deserves. The complete design of the terminal building (prelimininary design, detailed design, working design and technical supervision) was conceived and developed by the architectural team of Institut IGH. The newly constructed Gaženica Terminal is thus becoming the centre of national and international ferry traffic, as well as a home port for international cruise ship traffic.
The modern and functional building was built by applying the priciple of energy efficiency and its impact on the environment and human health was reduced as much as possible. Also, special care was taken during design development to reduce maintenance costs during service life as much as possible.
Coastal part: 294,360 square meters Land part: 598,323 square meters Opened in summer of 2018, Gaženica Ferry Port is a terminal that can accommodate ships of length up to 300 meters. Gaženica Terminal extends over an area of 16 hectares and the total length of the coastline amounts to 1800 m. In design development and project implementation, specific structural solutions were required due to marine and geological conditions at the very location. TOTAL AREA: 16 hectares TOTAL LENGTH OF THE COAST: 1800 m

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