Country: Croatia
Duration: 2011 / 2012
Value: EUR 1.6 million
Project Management

Construction and modernization of INA petrol stations

By INA BP upgrade project, the existing network of INA petrol stations in the Republic of Croatia has been modernized, according to the following scope of works: Construction of new petrol stations; Removal of petrol stations – demolition; Reconstruction of the building; Reconstruction with replacement of the building and Reconstruction related to the building + fuel technology + outdoor sales area. IGH was entrusted with organizing and coordinating a team of designers and other experts during preparation of support documents, survey reports (special geodetic survey – PGP) and design-technical documentation during upgrade of INA BP at different locations in the Republic of Croatia. The additional design included all activities on planning, designing, obtaining the required documents and permits, construction of about 40 new petrol stations and reconstruction of about 250 of them in Croatia, and IGH was employed for project management services in all phases of individual projects.

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