Country: Croatia
Duration: 2008 / 2011
Value: 220 mil EUR

Arena Centre

Only 10 minutes from the Zagreb city centre, Arena Centre is a superbly designed complex with numerous amenities. This is a commercial and entertainment centre that extends over 4000 square meters and it has been designed at four levels. The Centre is located right next to the impressive Arena Zagreb, which is regularly filled to capacity owing to different artistic and sports events, and because of similar design both buildings are well integrated and complement each other. IGH provided the services of technical supervision and cost control during construction of the centre.
The complex extends over an area of 175 000 square meters with various commercial, sports, cultural and entertainment amenities. The design of Arena Centre resulted from cooperation between Croatian and foreign architects of UPI-2M and Design International. Arena consist of 10 large stores, 200 small and medium-size stores of foreign and domestic companies, a hypermarket of about 10 000 square meters, CineStar multiplex cinema with 9 cinemas, numerous entertainment amenities and a garage with over 3000 parking places. Between the sports hall of Arena Zagreb and the Centre, there is a square with coffee bars, restaurants, fountains and green areas.
The building itself has an irregular plan view of area ca. 66 000 m2 with maximum dimensions of 330 x 230 m and height of 21.8 m. It was designed at 4 levels with total gross developed area of ca. 193 000 m2. The structure is divides into 11 segments. 7 segments have a pre-stressed reinforced concrete prefabricated structure, and the other 4 segments are monolithic post tensioned reinforced concrete structures.

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