14 Nov 2023

Institut IGH branch office signed a contract with the Republic of Armenia worth 6,076,860.10 USD

With the announcement of the signed contract with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia for the providing supervision services for the construction of the "North-South Road Corridor Investment Project," Section 4 - Kajaran-Agarak road, spanning 32 kilometers to the entrance of the planned Agarak-Vardanidzor-Kajaran tunnel, we bring you more information about the North-South Road Corridor Investment Project.


The NSRCIP is a major undertaking that will have a significant impact on the Armenian economy and society. The North-South Road Corridor connects China, India and Central Asia first of all to Iran, then to Georgia, the Russian Federation and Europe. This project is an important part of the TRACECA Road Corridor development and the Silk Road projects. Its implementation becomes more reasonable and justified by the fact that the latter almost repeats the route of the Silk Road, which as such existed up to the 2nd century BC, when the trade gradually expanded between the Roman and the Chinese (during the Han dynasty) empires.

The NSRCIP aims at the reconstruction of a 560km long highway of the 2nd and 3rd category with 60 km/h speed in average from the Georgian border - Bavra to the Iranian border - Agarak reaching it through 470km, 1st category highway with the speed of 100-110km/h as a result of which the crossing of the mentioned section shall be reduced from the current 9-9.5 hours to 4.5 hours also ensuring the goal of becoming a freight transit and transport movement route from the East to the West and from the North to the South. The current highway shall be reduced by about 90km.

The NSRCIP is carried out in several stages, where IGH provides supervision services for the construction of Tranche 4.  Kajaran-Agarak 32 km long highway that leads to the entrance of the planned Agarak-Vardanidzor-Kajaran tunnel.


The Project implementation will result in the following outcomes:

  • Improved road corridor in compliance with international standards;
  • Four-lane Category 1 road on Yerevan-Gyumri and Yerevan-Ararat sections;
  • Other road sections meeting international standards with the possibility to be widened up to four-lane road in the future;
  • Efficient and safe road corridor traffic management.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Facilitating communication with neighboring countries.
  • Expanding and facilitating access to foreign markets, particularly towards Central Asia and Europe.
  • Developing major economic spheres, including industry, agriculture, mining, construction, and tourism.

The main goals include improving safety and comfort, reducing time and financial costs, and integrating necessary telecommunication and other infrastructures.