21 May 2021

Institut IGH announces ambitious plans for further internationalization

A delegation of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce led by Luka Burilović visited the IGH yesterday, and the main topic of discussion was cooperation on further internationalization of the IGH business and participation in activities organized by the Chamber.

"Institut IGH has long ago confirmed its status as a leading engineering company in Central and Southeast Europe, as well as its expertise in the largest domestic infrastructure projects. However, the backbone of every economic strategy is internationalization - because without it there is no national competitiveness, growth, and development. IGH knows this very well. They have already strongly strengthened their position on the Russian market, and they have the continuous support of our representative office there. I am extremely pleased that our economic delegation in Egypt has also resulted in a breakthrough into a new market. I believe in fast positioning in that and neighboring markets, in which they can count on the full support of the Chamber ", said Burilović.

Robert Petrosian, CEO of IGH, stressed the company’s ten-year development strategy 2020-2030. envisions further internationalization of their business, and focus on Western European markets such as Austria, Germany, and Sweden, but also the Middle East and North Africa. "After visiting Iraq and Egypt, we made a strategic decision to position ourselves in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa by opening a branch in Cairo that will serve as a HUB for the area. Our many years of expertise and the wide range of services and sectors we support to enable us to participate in the most complex projects. However, in the beginning, until we position ourselves in the market, we will focus on design services, especially those related to large infrastructure projects such as road infrastructure design, viaducts and bridges, ports of all types and purposes, and renewable energy projects." he explained.

As part of the visit, another economic delegation was announced, this time to Algeria, and after presentations of HGK services that promote entry into foreign markets, the chamber delegation visited the IGH state-of-the-art laboratory from which the company began to develop in 1949.