21 Oct 2021

IGH has received recognition for collaboration half a century long

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Civil engineering, architecture and geodesy in Split (FGAG) Institut IGH, d.d. received recognition for its contribution to the development of the Faculty. The history of IGH and all major civil engineering faculties is intertwined on so many levels of cooperation. At one moment in our history, we were a joint organization.

IGH was founded in 1949 and opened its first regional centre in Split already in 1959, almost 63 years ago. So, it was expected that starting from the founding of FGAG in Split; cooperation was close. Even after formal separation, an excellent relationship continued. In contrast, our collaboration is more focused on projects, scientific research, employment opportunities, and education nowadays.

Confirmation of this claim is the joint work on the design of the A1 motorway, which can be said to be the result of the synergistic activities of IGH and FGAG. More recently, a partnership between the project team of the Faculty and supervising engineers of Institut IGH d.d. during the implementation of the INFRA project. It is worth 85 million HRK and it’s related to the reconstruction and extension of the Faculty facilities. All this only confirms that this synergy still exists today and will continue.

This exceptional award, on behalf of the Intitut IGH, JSC was received by our member of the Management Board, Vedrana Tudor.

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