06 Apr 2021

IGH Georgian branch finishes the largest road design project in the country

In March this year IGH Georgia got the approval of the Roads Department of Georgia on one of the most complex and challenging design projects -Sno-Omalo. Design that included: 133 km of roads and 16 bridges in total has key importance for the local population. It will allow them to have better connections and integration with the rest of the country, which is very important for social and economic development.

Sno-Omalo project was part of four large-scale and high complexity projects of designing mountainous roads in total.

  • Zemo Imereti-Racha
  • Baghdati-Abastumani
  • Sno-Omalo
  • Lentekhi-Mestia

These projects have high importance in terms of the country’s economic development and tourism potential. Under the scope of four large projects, the company engineers with the cooperation of their Croatian colleges designed:

  • 384 km state roads in total
  • 2 tunnels with a total length of 12,3 km
  • More than 100 bridges in Georgia

Apart from large-scale design projects, IGH branch has also done conceptual design of:

  • Marneuli – Tetritskaro-Tsalka and
  • Sagarejo – Udabno-Davit Gareji Monastery state roads

The road to the Davit Gareji Monastery project is very interesting in the sense that it leads to the complex of more than 20 Monasteries dated back to the VI. century, which is one of the most prominent destination places in Georgia.
Since 2016 parallel to design activities, the Georgian Branch of the Company was in charge of technical supervision over regular repairs, periodic repairs, rehabilitation, reconstruction, modernization and construction works, as well as clean-up procedures after disasters and other force majeure events and bank protection works to be executed on international and secondary roads in Georgia for 3 years. Under the mentioned project, IGH provided technical supervision with a value of 400 million euros.