15 Jun 2019

IGH experts received KOLOS award

The Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (HKIG), at its 14th Days of the HKIG held in Opatija, awarded the Institut IGH employees Ivo Barbalić, Zoran Trogrlić and Dinko Tvrtković, the Kolos Award for Expert Supervision services on the New Bridge Mainland – Čiovo Island Project, thus recognizing the quality and contribution of Institut IGH employees

The new bridge crosses the Trogir channel near the historical core of Trogir. Therefore, the historical town core sightline had to be respected, without intrusion into the view. „Having in mind that it is a town bridge, significant attention was given during the design construction process to the aesthetic appearance of all structural elements“ said Mr. Trogrlić, one of the members of the team for Expert Supervision of construction works of this awarded Project.