14 Feb 2022

IGH delegation visits Georgia and Armenia

Institut IGH d.d. delegation led by our CEO Robert Petrosyan visited Republics of Georgia and Armenia as part of further business development and internationalization.

In Georgia, where IGH has been present since 2016, the visit focused on updates of ongoing projects and contract executions. IGH executed some of the vital country’s infrastructure projects, like designing and supervising the construction of hundreds of kilometers of mountain roads.

In the Republic of Armenia, through Enterprise Armenia, the national investment promotion authority, IGH had an opportunity to get acquainted with the upcoming infrastructure projects. Also, we met top-level executives from the country’s road, railroad, water and air transport and water agencies and funds. The main objective was to showcase our expertise with our core business areas, primarily laboratory services and supervision, project management and road design. Road design is particularly relevant given our expertise from Georgia and dealing with mountain terrain, which the two countries share.

Caucasus remains in Institut IGH focus as a region with many opportunities.