08 Nov 2023

EUPAR – the Rijeka agglomeration European project: Beginning of Straža street stage of project

We are delighted to announce that Vodovod i kanalizacija Rijeka, have informed us that agglomeration construction works will commence on Straža Street, from house number 52 to number 65, starting November 8, 2023., as part of the EU project 'Improvement of water and sanitation infrastructure in the Rijeka agglomeration,' work group E 'Construction of drainage systems – Viškovo Expansion.

The anticipated completion deadline is by the end of December 2023, depending on weather-related challenges. KD ViK Rijeka expresses its gratitude to all its citizens for their patience and understanding, inviting them to follow the progress of the works and changes in traffic regulations for their safety and that of others involved in traffic.

The works in the Straža Street will be carried out as part of subsystem E3-0.3, involving the construction of sanitary sewerage, pump station CS 13, and water supply branches in Straža and Baretićevo Streets. The main contractor is GODINA gradbeništvo in druge storitve d.o.o., with the supervision support from our IGH experts. The service is provided by the consortium with Eptisa Adria d.o.o., FLUM-ING d.o.o., and PROJEKT d.d. Nova Gorica.

EUPAR – the Rijeka agglomeration European project envisages the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant on Delta, of a high second stage of purification, with biological processing of wastewater prior to its release into the sea and processing of sludge to the content of at least 90% of dry matter. The device will have a purification capacity for the load of the equivalent of 200,000 inhabitants.

Moreover, the project will finance the construction and reconstruction of about 217 kilometres of sewerage and 125 pumping stations, with simultaneous execution of works on approximately 100 kilometres of public water supply in two cities – Rijeka and Kastav and three municipalities – Viškovo, Čavle and Jelenje that form the territory of the Rijeka Agglomeration. Part of the sewer collection-conveyance system about 800 meters long, will be constructed in a part of the municipality of Matulji.

In the territory of the city of Rijeka, works take place in about 200 streets and will include about 82 kilometres of sewers and about 31 kilometres of the water supply system.

Troubleshooting of connection problems of those buildings, newly built and existing ones, which are below the level of the sewage collector is also envisaged. The supply of a large number (2,512) of small local internal pumping stations is planned in order to connect those units to the public drainage system.

Sections of the public water supply system will also be replaced as part of the project, which will result in the reduction of losses in the drinking water supply system by about 8%. The losses are today within the acceptable limits and are significantly below the level of the average actual losses in water supply systems in Croatia. This is a strategic investment project of the Republic of Croatia, one of the largest in the implementation of water utility directives in the Republic of Croatia.

The project goals are:

  • reach European standards in municipal wastewater management
  • increase the degree of protection of drinking water sources
  • reduce the pollution of the sea and
  • ensure good water quality, protect water and the ecosystems that depend on water owing to interventions on water and utility infrastructure in the area of the Rijeka agglomeration

Owing to the investments included by this project in water and utility structures European standards will be achieved in municipal wastewater management and protection of receiving surface water and the aquatic environment in accordance with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (91/271 / EEC), which is one of the most expensive legal acts of the European Union in terms of implementation. Following this, good quality of drinking water is ensured in accordance with the Directive on the quality of water intended for human consumption (98/83 / EC) positively impacting the status of water bodies and ensuring the recipient’s good status in accordance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and the Bathing Water Quality Directive (2006/7/EC).

Project beneficiary: Utility company KD Vodovod i Kanalizacija d.o.o. Rijeka

Project budget:

  • Project value: 233,799,649.88 EUR
  • Grant amount: 166,772,643.17 EUR (71.33%)
  • National contribution: 67,027,006.70 EUR(28.67%)

On part of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy and Hrvatske vode each provide 24,575,451.99 EUR. The remaining 17,876,102.73 EUR of national funds is provided by the company Vodovod i Kanalizacija d.o.o. through a long-term financial loan.

Project financed by: EU Structural funds – Cohesion Fund – Operational Programme: “Competitiveness and Cohesion