28 Jul 2020

Institut IGH appoints a three-member Management Board

Long-time employees named to the Management Board

The Supervisory Board of the Institute IGH d.d., with the aim of strengthening existing and expanding into new markets, named Vedrana Tudor, present director of the Regional Center Split of the Institute IGH, and Miroslav Pauzar, present director of the Regional Center Osijek as members, while the current Director of the Institute IGH Robert Petrosian was appointed President of the Management Board.

Robert Petrosian was appointed Director of the IGH Institute in February 2020, while before that he had been a member of the Management Board since 2019. Robert started his career at IGH back in 2012 and then in 2016 he took over a position of director of the IGH branch in Russia. In 2017 he moved to Georgia and became a director of the IGH branch in that country. He has built a rich international experience working in the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Designer, Project Manager, Technical Director, and Chief Construction Engineer in several international companies in different countries. He gained expertise in project management in fields of construction, design and supervision: railroads, runways, hospitals and international medical centers, power supply and substations, NPP, industrial plants and warehouses and other infrastructure.

Vedrana Tudor started her career at Institut IGH in 2007 as a project manager, then head of the IGH Split Laboratory, and in 2016 she took over the current position of director of the IGH Split Regional Center. Prior to that, she built her career as a designer and supervisory engineer for investment development and continued to develop it as the head of the strategic client consulting department and executive director of the concrete and materials division in Dalmacijacement RMC Group and CEMEX Croatia.

She has key expertise in the operational management of consulting and engineering services, strategic management of complex projects, managing the process of quality control of materials and construction products, laboratory testing and professional support to clients in the development of investment projects. As a member of the Management Board, she will be particularly focused on two segments of strategic core business operations, namely design and laboratory testing.

Vedrana received her master's degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Split, and then obtained an additional International Executive MBA degree at the prestigious IEDC Business School Bled in Slovenia. She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers and has certificates of numerous professional trainings.

Miroslav Pauzar has been building his successful career at Institut IGH Institute since 1986, starting as a designer, project manager and then chief supervising engineer on different projects in Slavonia, in all economic sectors (civil engineering, building construction, water engineering, energetics etc.). He has been the Head of Regional Centre IGH Osijek since 2013. As a member of the Management Board, he will be focused on supervision and project management of projects in Croatia and abroad as two extremely important segments of the strategic core business.

He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences, University of Zagreb, is a holder of PMP Certificate, a member of numerous professional associations and arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineering. He has also co-authored several professional papers.

For now, Vedrana and Miroslav will continue to hold the positions of directors of the Regional Centers in Split and Osijek, and together with other members of the management team, they will be in charge of mentoring young engineers.

The mandate of the new Management Board began on July 25, 2020.