Country: Croatia
Duration: 2011 / 2013
Value: EUR 21 million
Project Management

Ban Centar – Residential and commercial building

Ban Centre is defined as a residential-commercial building with 5 underground and 8 above ground levels. Parking garage spaces were designed at levels -5 to -2. Public business premises including shops and other uses occupy level -1, ground floor and the 1st floor. The residential part extends from the 2nd to the 7th floor, with 66 apartments functionally arranged around four verticals which are approached from the atrium. Apartments have different sizes from 75m2 to very large ones with an area of 250 m2 and more. Two-floor apartments with large terraces and pools are on the 6th and 7th floor.
Public business premises are located at level -1, ground floor and the 1st floor; the ground floor is completely public with street shops, and the entrances from Cesarčeva Street to the north and Kurelčeva to the east introduce public space in the interior of the block from which access to the underground level is provided by stairs and a panoramic elevator; there are two-level catering facilities with terraces, children’s playgrounds and a green park; • Business space at level -1: 2,157.32m2 • Shops on the ground floor: 1,027.85m2 • Offices on the 1st floor: 1,434.57m2 • Catering facilities ground floor/ 1st floor: 229.52m2 + terraces 74.85m2 • TOTAL: 4,924.11m2 of business spaces The garage is not public and is only intended for the needs of the users. 258 parking garage spaces have been provided for tenants and users of business premises. Garage spaces (located at levels -3 and -4) are enclosed on all sides with a grate partition. Total area of the entire complex – GBA 35,196.70m2 (underground: 18,825.00 m2, above ground: 16,371.70 m2)

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