08 Mar 2024

"Rehabilitation of the concrete dam Mandak" presentation & project review in BiH

The presentation of the project "Rehabilitation of the concrete dam Mandak on Lake Mandak," near Lake Buško Blato in Livno, BIH, took place last week.

Photo by: INSTITUT IGH, d.d.

Our collegues Krunoslav Mavar & Mia Raič from IGH regional centre Zagreb, with the presence of Tomislav Marić, presented and defended the rehabilitation project to representatives of the Investor HEP-Proizvodnja from Split, Croatia and Crpne stanice Buško Blato .

The Concrete dam Mandak is classified as a medium-sized dam, which was built in 1967, in the bed of the river of the same name. The dam consists of nine concrete blocks, with a reinforced concrete bridge above the spillway fields. The height of the concrete dam is 31.30 m, while the length of the dam is 99.69 m.

The conclusion of the project review is that the project is well-designed and accepted. With some adopted remarks, it will serve as a quality basis for carrying out rehabilitation works that will contribute to improving the mechanical resistance and stability, and prolonging the lifespan of the structure. Rehabilitation works on the dam are planned to be carried out in the forthcoming period, thereby reducing future losses, increasing the functionality of the installed equipment, facilitating traffic across the dam, as well as enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the hydro-technical structure.