30 Jan 2024

Institut IGH Supervisory Board Re-Elects Robert Petrosian as CEO

In a significant development for the construction & engineering sector, the Supervisory Board of the Institut IGH has officially announced the re-election of Robert Petrosian as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This decision marks another 4 year term at the helm of IGH, reflecting the board's continued confidence in his leadership skills and strategic vision.

Since taking on the role, Robert Petrosian has been instrumental in steering Institut IGH through challenging times, overseeing major projects, and driving to innovation, quality, and sustainability within the industry. Under his guidance, IGH has achieved notable milestones, including the expansion of its services and the strengthening of its market position both domestically and internationally.

The re-election comes at a time when the industry is facing rapid changes and technological advancements. Petrosian's expertise and forward-thinking approach are seen as vital to navigating these changes and capitalizing on new opportunities. His leadership is expected to continue to foster growth, commitment to excellence, enhance operational efficiency, as well as sustain Institut IGH`s reputation as a company built on legacy of commitment to the development of technological & engineering solutions, setting new standards, and remaining a crucial partner in the realization of various large-scale and complex infrastructure projects.

The Supervisory Board's unanimous decision underscores their belief in Robert Petrosian's ability to lead the Institut IGH towards future successes and new heights. As IGH embarks on another chapter under Petrosian's leadership, the focus remains on innovation, sustainability, and delivering exceptional value to clients and stakeholders.

With an excellent track record & a clear vision for the future, Robert Petrosian is set to further cement IGH's position as one of the leading civil engineering company in Europe, with the biggest and most equipped laboratories in the central and south-eastern Europe.