16 Sep 2019

IGH selected for conceptual design of new roads in Georgia

Georgian Branch of Institute IGH, Joint-Stock Company for Research and Development in Civil Engineering has been selected as for award of the design service Contract.

The electronic tender for the preparation of conceptual design of the road of State significance Marneuli – Tetritskaro-Tsalka road (Sh-33) from km 7 to km and km 13 to km 27 of the road Sagarejo – Udabno-Davit Gareji Monastry (Sh-172), also of State significance, had been announced by the Roads Department of Georgia.

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Improvement of the mentioned roads would be beneficial for eastern and southern regions of the country, especially the road leading to Davit Gareji Monastery, a complex of more than 20 Monasteries dating back to the VI century. It is one of the most prominent destinations in Georgia. Therefore, improvement of the mentioned road is extremely important not only for pilgrims and local population, but for tourism purposes as well.