26 Mar 2024

High schoolers from Križevci had part of their classes at IGH laboratories in Zagreb

The students of the third grade of "Ivan Seljanec" High School in Križevci, specializing as civil engineering technicians, embarked on a unique educational experience as they conducted part of their curriculum on Construction Materials at IGH laboratories in Zagreb.

The school established a collaboration with IGH, with teachers Nikola Kovačić and Mihaela Nemčić from Ivan Seljanec High School coordinating the program with experts from the well-equipped laboratories at IGH. Prior to the field trip, students were provided with materials for learning both at home and at school, ensuring they were well-prepared for practical lessons.

To kick off the experience, students underwent a safety training course in the laboratory with Sead Zenelović, the head of environment, health and safety & fire protection division. After the course, equipped with necessary protective gear, students engaged in extensive and thorough testing procedures.

This opportunity provided students with valuable hands-on experience, with three more planned field visits before the end of the school year. Following these visits, students will engage in analyzing and presenting their findings from the laboratory work.