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Technical supervision during construction of structures in all areas of civil engineering is an important part of IGH's services

Technical supervision

Institut IGH combines services from its extensive portfolio according to Client’s needs in compliance with legal regulations and code of practice. Technical supervision during construction of structures in civil engineering, building construction and energetics is an important part of IGH services, which our experts connect synergistically with consultancy, physical planning, urbanism, design, preparation of feasibility studies, expert opinions and expert witnessing, estimation of real estate value and construction costs as well as professional activities in the area of building physics.

Services of the Engineer according to FIDIC and multidisciplinary services of supervising engineers tailored to clients’ needs (civil engineering, land surveying, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering etc.) are a part of our daily business operation, where we apply our international experience on smaller projects as well. We monitor adherence to time schedule and the value of completed works and resolve related issues of the contractor for works. We provide designer and technological supervision, control testing of materials and works in compliance with technical quality requirements defined in the design.