IGH laboratories make up the greater part of all laboratories in Croatia accredited in the field of civil engineering

IGH Laboratory is comprised of several individual laboratories at different locations across Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Varaždin, Dubrovnik) and abroad.

Head of Materials and Structures Department
Marija Đuroković

MSc. ChemE, Ph.D.

Quality control and laboratory services

State-of-the-art laboratories of IGH have been accredited according to the standard HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for a wide range of testing and calibration services in all areas of civil engineering, with more than 500 accredited test methods and a broad selection of test methods in the non-accredited area. All our laboratories meet the requirements for competence, they account for a major part of all laboratories in Croatia. All laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for field testing, investigation services and calibration.

Testing Laboratory

Laboratories have gained a significant role in civil engineering in virtually every phase, from design, construction, to the process of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products. IGH Laboratories participate in quality control of materials, structural elements and all works during the construction of a large number of different structures, both in Croatia and abroad.
Continuous investment in development, acquisition of new testing equipment and permanent education of employees offer IGH Laboratories the capacity to provide support for all these processes.
Performing the laboratory and field testing of the constancy of performance of construction materials, products and structures as well as testing the quality of different types of water and soil, the expert laboratory staff gains the trust of its clients every day by meeting the criteria of testing standards and adhering to applicable laws and regulations.
IGH Laboratories have all the sophisticated equipment for undertaking investigation works on all types of structures to assess the constancy of performance of construction products and structures.

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Metrology Laboratory

Metrology Laboratory has a wide area of calibration in the Laboratory and in the field, including calibration of length measuring instruments, pressure measuring instruments, vibrating tables with measuring system, non-automatic weighing instruments and temperature chambers.
In order to meet the market demands, we invest our efforts to decrease our Calibration and Measurement Capability by continuously improving our equipment and by educating our staff. We undertake field calibration of measuring instruments throughout Croatia and in our neighboring states.

List of standards within the scope of accreditation of IGH laboratories:

Testing of concrete and different concrete products
Laboratory testing of steel and various steel products
Laboratory and field testing of various structural elements made of all types of materials
Testing of aggregate – physical and mechanical properties as well as mineralogical and petrographic analysis of sand, gravel, fillers, ballast for railway, crushed construction stone – intended to be used for concrete, lower courses of the pavement structure and asphalt
Testing of natural dimension stone – physical and mechanical properties as well as mineralogical and petrographic analysis of natural stone for cladding ventilated façades and paving indoor and outdoor pedestrian traffic areas.
Testing of stone and cores from boreholes according to “Pravilnik o prikupljanju podataka, načinu evidentiranja i utvrđivanja rezervi mineralnih sirovina te o izradi bilance tih rezervi” /”Ordinance on data collection, manner of recording and determining reserves of mineral raw materials and making the balance of reserves”/
Testing of asphalt, bitumen and bituminous products
Testing of brick products
Testing in the field of road soil mechanics – embankments, fills, wedges, shoulders, berms, subgrades, base courses of pavement structures
Geotechnical tests and soil testing
Laboratory testing of soil, rock and geosynthetics
Certification (of concrete, aggregate, armourstone, asphalt, brick products – masonry, precast concrete elements)
Preparation of Croatian Technical Assessments for different construction products that are not covered by harmonised European technical specifications
Test loading of bridges, structural elements and entire structures in civil engineering and building construction
Rehabilitation designs and expert opinions
Investigations and technical monitoring
Assessment and verification of constancy of performance
Laboratory testing/calibration services
Laboratory testing of concrete, shotcrete, mortars
Technological supervision of concrete placement
Inspections, testing and determining the status of concrete and masonry structures
Preparation of rehabilitation designs for concrete and masonry structures
Certification of factory production control of concrete
Certification of factory production control of stone aggregates
Testing of water tightness of the drainage system
Testing of corrosion protection of steel structure elements
Laboratory testing of asphalt mixes and placed asphalt
Laboratory testing of cement stabilization, fill materials and stone aggregate
Field testing of all courses in pavement structures
Technological supervision of earthworks
Technological supervision of asphalt placement, waterproofing of transport facilities (viaducts, bridges, tunnels, overpasses etc.)
Field testing and technological supervision of waterproofing works
Laboratory testing of cement, lime, concrete admixtures, fillers, products for protection and repair of concrete structures
Laboratory testing of raw materials for reporting on harmful gas emissions
Laboratory testing of water (underground, surface, wastewater), waste, eluate from waste, soil, sludge, solid recovered fuel
Calibration of force measuring instruments, mass, length and temperature chambers
Laboratory testing of glass resistance to bullet attack and impact as well as bullet resistance of windows, doors, façades, screens and shades
Laboratory testing of air permeability, water permeability and wind resistance of windows, doors and walls
Determination of air permeability of buildings – Blower door test
Laboratory testing of products for thermal insulation, construction materials with respect to moisture and heat
Laboratory testing of flexible sheets for waterproofing
Laboratory testing of construction adhesives – ceramic tile adhesives
Laboratory testing of fire resistance of firewalls and non-bearing walls, partitions, glazing, doors, roller blinds, windows, smoke control doors and shutters
Laboratory testing of fire reaction of construction products and classification of construction products according to their fire behaviour
Field measurements and environmental noise evaluation
Field measurements of air and impact sound insulation in buildings and building elements, and sound insulation
Laboratory testing of air and impact sound insulation of building elements, and materials for acoustic applications
Laboratory testing of sound absorption and air sound insulation of road barriers
Laboratory testing of heat resistance and heat conductivity of construction products
Determination of thermal transmittance (U-value) of windows, doors, shutters and glass
Testing paints and varnishes
Development of building physics designs (rational energy use, thermal protection and noise protection), and cost-benefit analysis of building physics designs and energy class of buildings
Development of noise protection designs – noise barrier designs
Preparation of environmental impact assessment of noise as a part of the environmental impact study (industrial source, noise from road, railway, air and ship transport)
Revisions of noise protection reports
Testing of water tightness of the water supply and drainage system
Development of rehabilitation designs for sewer and water supply systems including no dig technologies
Field investigations on sewer and water supply systems and preparation of reports on the current condition
Technical monitoring of water engineering structures
Classification and condition assessment of sewer and water supply systems, including preparation of rehabilitation priority list
Technical consulting and technical supervision of rehabilitation of sewer and water supply systems using no dig technologies
Hydrometric flow measurements in sewer systems and open watercourses
Inspection of implementation of rehabilitation of sewer and water supply pipes
Inspection of cleaning of sewer and water supply pipelines
Preparation of water regulation documents, internal rule books and instructions
Water sampling
Physical modelling in water engineering

List of standards in the scope of accreditation for IGH laboratories:

for metals
for materials and structures
for geotechnical engineering
for water engineering
for transport infrastructure
for building physics
for binders and ecology
for materials and structures RC Split
for materials and structures RC Osijek
for materials and structures RC Rijeka
for concrete structures and transport infrastructure PULA