IGH covers all activities required for solving engineering problems at the contact between the soil (rock) and structures.

Field investigations and monitoring include activities on trial boring, field testing of rock and soil, geophysical field testing, testing of mechanical properties and water permeability of soil and rock mass, as well as field measurements and monitoring of geotechnical structures.

Head of Materials and Structures Department
Marija Đuroković

MSc. ChemE, Ph.D.

Field Investigations

  • Foundations of building structures, bridges, viaducts, dams and other infrastructural structures,
  • Retaining structures for foundation pits for founding building structures and infrastructure at ports,
  • Geotechnical structures of embankments and slopes on transport routes such as motorways, high speed railway lines and navigable waterways,
  • Improvement and reinforcement of soil and rock mass
  • Stability of excavation for tunnels and underground structures
  • Pile testing
  • Geotechnical investigations with on-land and offshore exploratory drilling
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Engineering-geological and hydrogeological investigations
  • Performance of investigations and preparation of Geotechnical Survey Reports for design documentation,
  • Land surveying and preparation of surveying documentation
  • Testing structures by non-destructive methods during use and maintenance
  • Geotechnical testing and soil testing
  • Laboratory testing of soil, rock and geosynthetics
  • Investigations
  • Investigations and technical monitoring
  • Field testing of all courses of pavement structures
  • Field testing and technological supervision of waterproofing works
  • Field testing of anti-skid properties of different types of floors