Design is one of IGH's core businesses

IGH's engineers use their expert knowledge and experience to offer long-term sustainable solutions even on the most challenging projects

Head of Design department
Mario Ille

MEng C.E, PhD.

Design and review


Devising and designing roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water engineering structures, industrial plants and public structures, geotechnical and water engineering designs.
Finding solutions for especially demanding structures under heavy loads (steelworks, refineries or sports halls).
Development of all levels of design documentation (including location and building permits): conceptual designs, preliminary and detailed designs, working designs and as-built designs.
Preparation of design documentation for all transport facilities (motorways, state and other road categories, car parks and underground car parks), railway lines and road structures – bridges, long-span and complex geometry structures as well as long tunnels with cutting edge safety and technical equipment, landscaping designs, noise protection designs and designs related to waste disposal.
Designs of traffic equipment and signalling, temporary traffic regulation studies for roads and motorways and tender documents for all infrastructure designs.
Performance of specialist work related to repair and maintenance of structures. It encompasses works on condition investigations, design of repairs, rehabilitation and reconstruction of all types of structures.
Sophisticated field and laboratory equipment is used for in-situ testing of structures, and problems of all types of existing structures (including infrastructure and power facilities, roads and road structures and motorway network control system) are solved in this way.
Physical-planning documents, urban planning and design for development of diverse activities, including conservation of especially valuable and non-renewable natural resources.


Development of study and planning documentation for transport infrastructure including: spatial options studies, traffic studies, physical planning and traffic studies, feasibility studies.
Feasibility studies (environmental impact evaluations and assessments) are prepared in compliance with EU methodology accepted by international financial institutions: IBRD, EIB and EBRD, with the objective of preparing technical documents for implementation of developmental infrastructure projects with funding from EU Funds.
Environmental impact studies for all transport and utility infrastructure, as well as waste disposal facilities
Planning transport and transport infrastructure, transport model development, financing and management models for transport infrastructure, preparation of analyses and consulting in the field of traffic safety.
Consultancy services related to structure management, development of manuals and computer softwares for asset management.