Competitive transport systems have fundamental importance for competitiveness of Europe in the world, economic growth, creation of workplaces and the quality of daily lives of people (EU policies – Transport)

Head of Design department
Mario Ille

MEng C.E, PhD.


Further to references for the development of the Croatian motorway network, Institut IGH is one of the key service providers in this sector. Transport infrastructure in Europe is not uniformly developed at the moment and it is necessary to build missing links, expand and build individual motorway sections, which is the objective of the Trans-European Transport Network – TEN-T: upgrade and linking of existing national networks into a unique and functional network that would connect all regions of Europe by 2030.

We see great development potential in Institut IGH and we actively participate in all processes of TEN-T network upgrade within the scope of our business activities.

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For more than half a century, Institut IGH has been one of the key participants in the process of transport infrastructure construction in Croatia. By internationalizing our business operation, opening branch offices for the purposes of long-term presence and achieving quality business collaborations we prove that this will also continue in the future.

Since 2014, a new Transport Infrastructure Policy has been in force in the EU, which will connect the entire continent between East and West and North and South, aiming to close the gaps between transport networks of Member States that hamper the functioning of a unique market. Policy implementation is funded with a budget of EUR 26 billion by 2020.

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