In airport development projects, Institut IGH offers a complex multidisciplinary approach including consulting, project management, planning, investigations, environmental studies, all phases of design, supervision and support in implementation

Head of Regional Centre Split
Vedrana Tudor



Institut IGH appreciates specific requirements and expectations of clients on such challenging projects and, by applying the best practices, expertise and experience, is completely dedicated to the control of expenses, time, all risks and efficiency of the process itself.

Air transport recorded an aggressive growth in the last years both in the passenger transport segment and even more prominently, in the goods transport segment, and from this aspect it leaves all other modes of transport behind. Air transport has an exceptional impact on business, political, economic and tourist trends at the global level. Consequently, airports are a key element of economic success of the local community and the country and a lever of growth for investments, tourism and commerce. The European aviation sector is one of the most successful segments of the European economy and it is the leading industry in the world. Each year 900 million air passengers travel, from and within the European Union, making up a third of the world market.
Institut IGH was awarded a key role on the most important airport project in the region in the last couple of years – Design and design coordination for Franjo Tuđman International Airport in Zagreb, implemented from 2013 and successfully completed and opened to traffic in March of 2017. The implemented solution was selected as the best concept in terms of urban planning, space quality, flexibility, functionality, energy efficiency and structural solution. By employing a tried and responsible approach and efficient management of his tasks and external risks, IGH’s multidisciplinary team has accomplished clients’ goals in terms of quality and time schedule.
We would like to single out certain other references related to airports:
• Detailed design of the construction work Apron Expansion at Split Airport
• Development of the conceptual design, development plan, environmental impact studies, preliminary design for the issuance of the location permit for the new passenger building and reconstruction and extension of the runway and manoeuvring areas for Mali Lošinj Airport.
• Investigations for the purposes of determining bearing capacity and condition of operative areas of Split Airport (runway, aprons and taxiways), including: geotechnical exploratory boring and testing of foundation soil parameters, investigations and geophysical and seismic testing, field and laboratory testing of placed lower base courses of the pavement structure, placed concrete courses, placed asphalt courses, analysis and interpretation of results, condition assessment of pavement structures and final report with numerical bearing capacity calculation (PCN) of all existing pavement structures for Split Airport.

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