Pelješac Bridge

  • Service:Technical supervision / Quality control and laboratory services
  • Sector:Engineering structures
    HRK 2.08 billion
    2018 / 2022

Institut IGH was selected as the holder of the contract on technical supervision during execution of works on construction of the Pelješac Bridge, a project of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia, on which the China Road and Bridge Corporation is the contractor. The value of the construction supervision contract amounts to HRK 49.4 million (VAT exclusive), and the construction of the project of total value HRK 2.08 billion (VAT exclusive) is co-financed from EU funds with a grant covering up to 85% of the cost. The construction of the bridge itself, 2.4 km in length and 55 m in height with 4 traffic lanes should last 36 months from the commencement of works. Designed by Marjan Pipenbaher, the Pelješac Bridge has been designated “one of the civil engineering ventures that will mark our generation”.
At the Laboratory for Materials of Institut IGH, extensive research of different compositions of concrete was carried out in order to fulfil requirements from the Pelješac Bridge project. Since this is a very demanding structure with special requirements for the execution, a requirement was stipulated that concrete consistency shall be maintained at least 4 hours, which also required additional attention during design development.



The testing programme included development of the concrete mix design with a different share of mineral additions to cement, such as slag, fly ash and silica fume. In addition to fulfilling the criteria for mechanical properties of concrete, special emphasis was placed on determination of durability properties of concrete. Concrete permeability tests were carried out – several methods of chloride diffusion, gas permeability, capillary absorption, microscopic analysis of voids, freezing and thawing cycles in the presence of defrosting salts. Testing of long-term deformations due to shrinkage and creep are also being performed.

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