Kupari Tourist Resort, Dubrovnik

  • Service:Project management and consulting / Quality control and laboratory services / Field Investigations
  • Sector:Building construction
    2015 /
  • Client:
    Avenue ulaganja

After 25 years of deterioration, the former military resort complex Kupari is being renewed as an ultra luxury resort with 5 stars, 2 hotels and Grand centre as the centre of events inside the resort, with a spa and wellness centre, restaurant and other amenities. The Taranta Channel and the breakwater will be rehabilitated and the beach will be re-nourished. The resort will be operated by a world-known ultra luxury hotel brand and the process of design development and project construction is being implemented according to the highest world standards.


  • Basic characteristics:

    Construction of two hotels and reconstruction of the Grand Centre

  • Globally recognizable ultra luxury hotel brand

  • Value of the investment:

    At least HRK 722 million

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