Kosovo Motorways

  • Service:Research, studies and planning documents / Field Investigations / Quality control and laboratory services / Technical supervision / Design and review
  • Sector:Roads / Building construction
    825 million EUR
    2010 / 2017

The motorway network in Kosovo is a part of the core network of Southeast Europe, and in this context it is referred to as Route No. 7. Within this network, this road connects Kosovo and South Balkan area, running southwards to Port of Durrës in Albania (Corridor VIII), and northwards to Niš, and in Serbia it connects with the Pan-European Corridor X.

The verification of preliminary design proposal, development and preparation of all detailed designs including all details and technological solutions, coordination of design activities and documentation, support services related to the design of works provided for in the contract, provision of design services on the construction site during design development, design related to relocation of utilities, design related to relocation of existing public transport facilities are just a few of numerous services that were provided by Institut IGH on Kosovo Motorways.

The section of the Motorway MORINE (Albanian Border) – Pristina – Merdare (Serbian Border) is a part of Route 7 of the international road network of Southeast Europe. Route 7 connects Kosovo to the Port of Durrës in Albania to the south (Pan-European Corridor VIII) and Niš in Serbia (Pan-European Corridor X) to the north. The motorway is the backbone of road infrastructure in the country.

In the period from 2010 to 2013, IGH provided the services to the Client Bechtel – Enka GP on the motorway section in the length of 49.1 km, which included the preliminary and the detailed design of the motorway, geotechnical investigations, geotechnical design and equipment design for 49.1 km of the motorway (Route 7, from Albanian Border to Pristina).

On motorway sections MORINË – MERDARE 1 and 2: Morine – Prizren and section 3: Prizren – Suhareke, the performance of geotechnical investigations and the development of preliminary, detailed and final geotechnical designs in the duration of 2.5 years were also the subject of the contract. Sections 1 and 2: Morine – Prizren; section length 19.3 km, with 3 interchanges where the lengths of cut, side cut and embankment exceeded 6 km, with a cut higher than 80 m in 8 levels, as well as 5 bridges and viaducts. Section 3: Prizren – Suhareke; section length 14.8 km, with one interchange where the lengths of cut, side cut and embankment exceeded 5 km, and also 5 bridges and viaducts.

Among geotechnical structures on the route, we would like to single out the following: slope protection of the cut and side cut using reinforced concrete anchoring and drainage systems, reinforced concrete sheet pile walls with geotechnical anchors, retaining reinforced concrete walls of height over 5 m, gabion structures with and without ties, geotechnical and drainage structures of different types, foundation pit protection for foundations of structures, as well as deep foundations of structures on reinforced concrete groups of piles.

Kosovo Motorway Project won the award for Best Project for sections 1, 2, 3 and 4a in the category Roads and Highways by ENR 2013 Global Construction Summit. This competition awards excellence in construction and design worldwide throughout the year.

After successful cooperation on Route 7 in 2014, the work for the same client continued on the motorway Route 6, towards the Macedonian Border on the section PRISTINA-SKOPJE, in total length of the section of 42 km.

Technical Director
Igor Džajić


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