Gruž Passenger Port

  • Service:Design and review / Project management and consulting / Technical supervision
  • Sector:Marine structures
    28 mil. EUR
    2010 / 2011
  • Client:
    Dubrovnik Port Authority

Reconstruction and extension works have been performed in the Port of Dubrovnik, and the fact that the port had to operate normally during works represented a special challenge. Also, it is a very narrow water area, which was an additional challenge for designers and contractors to tackle, but Dubrovnik now has a port which will be able to accommodate even the largest world cruise ships.

IGH was in charge of design, consulting and supervision of works on Gruž Port. Docks for arriving ships were extended by a couple of meters, and the depth of draught now amounts to a minimum of 11 meters. Moreover, quays and all concrete structures in the port were reinforced.


    • min. 11 m

The project of the Harbourmasters’ office in Dubrovnik is financed through an EBRD loan with FIDIC Contract Conditions. The objective of the project is to upgrade and increase the capacity of passenger facilities by rehabilitation and construction of berths 16 and 17, in order to enable them to accommodate the largest cruise ships where, finally, ca. 900 m of coastal line will be obtained. The specificity of this project is a request that the port must operate normally for the entire time of construction in sufficient length to accommodate certain ship sizes.

The existing berth 16 was extended by additional 30 m of length and a new berth 17 was constructed.

As a part of the project, the following works were completed:

  • Extension of the berth 16
    Underwater excavation / dredging
    Underwater concrete foundations
    Prefabrication of RC wall elements including placing elements in-situ reinforcement and pouring of massive concrete piers,
    Installation of cranes, fenders, safety ladders and sea light
    Finishing works using dimension stone
    Stone and asphalt
  • Expansion of the berth 17
    Execution of RC boreholes down to depth of 30 m (d=1500 / 1800mm)
    Pile heads
    Prefabrication of RC girders with the position on pile heads and consolidation
    In situ execution of RC deck on top
    Installation of cranes, fenders and safety ladders
    Finishing works using dimension stone
    Stone and asphalt
  • Installation works
    Electrical installation and lighting with low current network
    Water supply installation
    Drainage network

Author of the photograph: Bradcodbk – Original work of the contributor, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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