Bridge over the Drava River

  • Service:Design and review / Technical supervision / Quality control and laboratory services
  • Sector:Building construction
    115 mil. EUR
    2011 / 2017
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The A5 Motorway is one of the most important routes in eastern Croatia, and the Bridge over the Drava River is the most demanding part of the project. The financial, surveying and technical supervision are only some of the services provided by IGH so that this important bridge would be executed in compliance with all criteria and standards.

At the end of the Corridor Vc on the side of Slavonia and crossing to Baranja west of Osijek, near Petrijevci, there is a bridge across the Drava River, for which Institut IGH developed the preliminary, detailed and working designs, as well as the as-built design, and performed technical supervision and control tests. The bridge is located on the A5 Motorway, in the network of international routes on Corridor Vc, which connects Hungary (Budapest) with Eastern Croatia (Osijek), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar) with the Port of Ploče in the south of Croatia and constitutes an important point in the network of international routes.

Since a water reservoir has been planned at the location, the bridge is almost 2.5 km long. The structure in the main span across the river is cable-stayed, with two towers and symmetrical layout, with the main span amounting to 220 m. The structure across the river bed has a 220 m central span, in order to meet the conditions for navigation, i.e. to ensure the navigable waterway of 50 m in width, 5.25 m in height above the high water level of the Drava River. Remaining parts of the bridge – viaducts in the flood retention area – were designed as pre-stressed semi-prefabricated concrete structures, with a characteristic span of 35 meters.



    • 2507 m
    • 420 m



The Drava Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the Republic of Croatia, and it was completely designed and executed by domestic experts. The collaboration achieved between the employer, designer and the contractor resulted in many original technical solutions. Its length of 2507 m makes it one of the longest bridges in Croatia. The part of the bridge over the Drava River is 420 m long. Certain excellent technical solutions were implemented on it, which included the use of concrete piers, steel beams and cables that also enhance the visual attraction of this impressive bridge.

Head of Regional Centre Osijek
Miroslav Pauzar


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