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The aim of the staff selection process is to find the best candidates who will, not only perform their work successfully, but also fit in with the organizational culture of IGH. We promote the following corporate values:

The search and selection at IGH are carried out by the Human Resources Division, where candidates are assessed by psychologists. The aim of the staff selection process is to find the best candidates that will not only perform their duties successfully but also fit in with our organizational culture. The process begins with psychological testing, which assesses personality traits in a professional way, as well as candidates’ general competence.

The key part of each selection procedure is the selection interview during which candidates’ knowledge, experience, motivation and required competences are assessed. At IGH, there are two rounds of the selection interview; the first is carried out by psychologists from the Human Resources Division, and the shortlisted candidates are also interviewed by the Heads of relevant Divisions for which the candidate applied.

The selection process, from candidate’s application to the decision on employment consists of the following steps:


By submitting your CV, you confirm that you agree, in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, that your personal data submitted with your application, are collected and processed for the purposes of employment.

You are familiar with the fact that your data will be collected and processed for 1 year, for the mentioned purpose, and that you are entitled to withdraw your approval at any time and in that case your data will be deleted.

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Ivan Šoprek

struč, EWE/IWE, IWIP-C

I came to IGH in 2001 as a student, where I am still working as a Director of Technical Supervision and Project Management Department. I am pleased to be able to work with top notch experts on large projects both in Croatia and on international markets, thanks to my own ambition, mentorship, training and numerous opportunities opening up to me because I work for IGH.


Karlo Miletić aedif.

I came to Institut IGH in 2017 as a younger associate designer in the field of water engineering. I appreciate the opportunity that I was given by IGH to achieve my ambitions, grow and develop within a multidisciplinary company under professional mentorship, using modern softwares and with the support of a productive environment. I believe that IGH is the right choice for young engineer’s development.


Marko Komšo

I started my career at Institut IGH as an associate designer at the Water Engineering Department. Soon after I arrived, an opportunity arose for a transfer to the Technical Supervision and Project Management Department where I was given the chance to participate on Pelješac Bridge project. IGH gives me the opportunity to learn from the best and build a career in line with my own ambitions.

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