Quality management systems

Lead auditor for quality and environmental management system.

Ana Kousek

As early as 2006, Institut IGH d.d. recognized the need to conduct its business operations in compliance with the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO 9001 and reached a strategic decision to introduce a quality management system. It was one of the first companies in Croatia to establish, document, implement and certify a quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001, which increased the quality of service, satisfaction of the end user and competitiveness of the organization.
In 2009, Institut IGH d.d. established and successfully certified a system according to the standard HRN EN ISO:14001 for the environmental management system. The essential purpose of certification of the environmental management system is to support environmental protection and pollution prevention. As a part of Quality Policy, Institut IGH d.d. also defined the environmental management policy. The Policy includes Company’s commitment to continually improve the system and prevent pollution and to make it compliant with appropriate legal and other requirements.
An occupational health and safety management system in compliance with the standard OHSAS 18001 was implemented by Institut IGH back in 2009, when focus was placed on quality planning of all work processes and its parts in order to identify hazards and risks, meet the requirements of national regulations which these processes are subject to.
Considering the construction activity and despite the impossibility to fully eliminate risks, the objective of the system is to control them to the greatest degree possible, in order to prevent injuries and diseases of persons that work at or for Institut IGH in any way.
The system is being continuously improved in order to reduce risks at workplaces and increase the level of protection and safety of employees, which is then reflected on all other interested parties (subcontractors, employees’ families, immediate and wider community etc.).

In order to reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, and raise the awareness of employees about environmental protection, Institut IGH d.d. has, in addition to existing certificates from 2019, successfully completed certification according to the standard ISO 50001 as well.

The fact that this certificate was obtained demonstrates that the energy efficiency of the company increased, and an energy base was created for monitoring energy efficiency. The system is regularly supervised, verified and improved.

Documents for download

Certificate OHSAS 18001

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Certificate ISO 50001

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Certificate ISO 14001

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Certificate ISO 9001

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