Providing expert support in civil engineering for 70 years

For more than half a century, IGH has been ensuring the satisfaction of his clients, employees and partners on domestic and international markets with its high quality services, comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach

Creation based on knowledge

IGH is a company formed by the concentration of knowledge, which makes it a leading design, consulting and research institution dedicated to research and development in civil engineering. IGH laboratories are accredited for 600 test methods. The equipment and expert resources of IGH laboratories are at the level of leading laboratories in Europe. The company was fully prepared for Croatia’s accession to the European Union – every certificate issued by IGH laboratories is valid anywhere in Europe.

There is virtually no structure, road, tunnel or bridge in Croatia for which IGH has not provided either design or supervision services, controlled construction quality, prepared studies or expert opinions and expert witnessing. In addition to participating in all major construction projects in Croatia, IGH has also taken up challenges in the neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria, all the way to Georgia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.


    88.1 m HRK




    300 m HRK


Be a leading engineering company in the region and beyond, whose employees are the best experts and satisfied co-owners, improving the quality of life and of the environment every day with their innovative engineering solutions.


Tackle the engineering challenges to our clients’ satisfaction, timely, with a professional and responsible approach, knowledge and innovation.

Market Access

IGH's Market Approach IGH’s organization makes it possible to tailor services to market sectors and combine expert knowledge from different areas of expertise according to specific client needs

IGH’s Strategy 2018 – 2022

Based on our previous references, we are convinced that precisely Institut IGH represents a unique potential, founded on development and synergy of knowledge in the field of design, supervision, field and laboratory tests, project management and all other highly valued services in the field of civil engineering.

The focus of Institut IGH’s business operation is the client and fulfilment of his engineering needs and solving of his engineering problems. Institut IGH wishes to become the first choice of all our clients, among all its competitors on the Croatian market and abroad. Superior business solutions can only be provided by first-rate experts.

The strategic dimension of Institut IGH is to continuously educate and train its employees and bring in recognized experts from the market, whose arrival will raise the quality of IGH’s services. Our goal is to maintain a competitive advantage by increasing the collective knowledge of the company.

In order to reduce risks and increase growth potential, Institut IGH will continue its intense search for opportunities on foreign markets. New foreign branch offices will be founded when necessary, striving towards the best combination of Croatian experts and top local and international employees. The experience gained on large and demanding projects generates experts who are capable of managing all complex works. An invaluable pool of expertise and experience of IGH’s experts is thus created. Such a strategic intent, with preservation and development of the integral service ensures a stable and safe future to our clients, employees and the company itself.

IGH’s stance is to be a partner to its client, not a contractor.

Since the majority of our clients are public companies and institutions, Institut IGH will strive to assign a part of its profit realized on an individual project to an activity aimed at improving the standard of life of those in need or for improving the living environment and environmental protection.

Strategic areas of IGH and main objectives of the Strategy 2018 – 2022:

  • 1) Employees – Empowering expert staff by developing and training and also attracting new ones
  • 2) Clients – Focus is on the client, becoming clients first choice by focusing on timely fulfillment of their engineering needs
  • 3) Financial stability – Ensuring business development through sustainable and continuous growth in revenue and operating profit
  • 4) Services – Improving the quality of existing services and targeted introduction of diversified new services
  • 5) Markets – Internationalization of business operations by opening new branch offices on stable growing foreign markets, improving existing business areas and strengthening new ones
  • 6) Corporate Social Responsibility – Sustainable development and responsibility towards society and the environment




TEL +385 (0)1 612 51 25
FAX +385 (0)1 612 54 01

Competent court:
Commercial Court in Zagreb
register entry with company registration No 080000959

Share capital:
HRK 116.604.710,00
paid in full

No of issued shares: IGH 613.709
Nominal share value HRK 190

REG. NO.: 3750272
PIN: 79766124714

Business bank:
IBAN: HR6825030071100087335

Management Board:
Robert Petrosian, President of the Management Board
Vedrana Tudor, Member of the Management Board
Miroslav Pauzar, Member of the Management Board

Supervisory Board:
Žarko Dešković, MEng. CE,
President of the Supervisory Board

IGH's Strategy defines company's development direction until 2022.