EU funded projects
EU funded projects
INSTITUT IGH provides comprehensive consulting services related to preparation and implementation of projects financed through European Structural and Investment funds (ESI).
Our services are based on multidisciplinary approach encompassing expertise in developing and managing infrastructure projects and expertise in preparing and implementing ESI co-financed projects.
IGH provides its clients with support and consultancy services during the preparation of their projects by providing experts from multiple fields which ensures preparation of high quality and technologically advanced projects, in accordance with the rules applicable to ESI funds.
IGH also provides consultancy services focused on project implementation in order to ensure projects’ completion in conformity with applicable legislation and rules, thus minimizing the possibility of ineligible costs and irregularities.

 INSTITUT IGH is directly involved in implementation of projects financed from ESI funds in the Republic of Croatia and projects financed through IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance) and IFI (International Financial Institutions) in the IPA beneficiary countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey).

Services provided by INSTITUT IGH in these projects encompass traditional design services, elaboration of studies, analyses and project reviews, geotechnical examinations and analyses, analyses of materials and constructions, works supervision, etc., which have, depending on the source of funding, been supplemented with consultancy in project preparation and implementation.

Additional serviced provided by INSTITUT IGH to ESI funds beneficiaries:

o   Analyses of compliance of project ideas with the requirements of specific sources of funding

o   Elaboration of particular studies, analyses and plans (feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment studies, cost-benefit analyses, energy related studies, business plans, etc.)

o   Preparation of project applications

o   Elaboration of projects’ expenses and budgets

o   Elaboration of project risk management plans

o   Providing support throughout the application of project for financing

o   Project portfolios management

o   Managing grant contracts

o   Supervising implementation of activities and achievement of results

o   Financial management consultancy

o   Planning, preparation and conducting public procurement activities

o   Promotional activities and project visibility

o   Managing supply, services and works contracts

o   Managing construction projects

All our potential clients and business partners interested to cooperate in ESI, IPA and IFI co-financed projects are welcome to contact us:


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