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IGH Cert
IGH Cert
Organization: IGH Cert is a flexible organizational unit set up in 2001 with the purpose of providing attestation of conformity services for building products.




IGH Cert 

certifies building products,

certifies conformity of Factory production control 

according to certification schemes for:


CPR1, CPR 1+, CPR 2+


ZGP 1:   kanalski poklopci i rešetke EN 124 ,

plastične cijevi EN 12201 , plastične cijevi EN 13476

ZGP 1+:  čelik za armiranje, čelik za prednapinjanje, ljevanoželjezne cijevi,

plastične cijevi EN 12201zasuni i hidranti

ZGP 2+:  beton

The first accreditation for four groups of products was obtained in 2004 and, later on, the accreditation was extended to other product groups. The first accreditation was obtained from the national office for certification (DZNM) which operates as from 2005 under the name of Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA). Approvals - based on accreditation - are granted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction and can presently be given for almost all product types covered by technical regulations referring to Croatian standards through which European standards for construction products have been accepted. This is an ongoing process, and the quality management activity is continuously being supervised by HAA and competent Ministry. IGH Cert is formed of some 70 authorized persons, and the body ensuring respect of certification procedure, and the impartiality and accountability for certificate issuing decisions, is called the IGH Certification Committee (CO) which is formed of nominated persons and which is a parat of IGH Cert.

The applicable legislative and normative framework is formed of: Construction Products Act (NN 86/08), Byelaw on conformity assessment, conformity documents, and marking of construction products (NN 103/08), technical regulations based on the above mentioned Act, technical specifications (standards and technical approvals) for relevant products, and the standard HRN EN 45011:1998 that is used as basis for accreditation.
The conformity certification system has been harmonized with the European "New and Global Approach" (N&GA) and the Construction Product Directive (CPD). IGH Cert is also accredited for the voluntary certification system (systems 1+) which is structured in compliance with the mentioned Construction Product Directive.
Current status of IGH Cert: According to national legislative framework IGH Cert is an Approved Body on the national level, which is a precondition for becoming a Notified Body at the EU level once Croatia becomes an EU member state. Since early 2008, we have the status of observer-member in the European body AG-NB-CPD (Advisory Group of Notified Body for Construction Product Directive). This status has been granted in January 2006 based on EC screening conducted in the scope of the pre-accession program CARDS 2003 (Community Assistance to Reconstruction, Development and Stabilization).
Conformity certification procedure for construction products: Appropriate rules have been defined for the certification of conformity. These rules regulate general notices issued to participants in the certification procedure, requirements to be met for obtaining and renewing certification, and rights and obligations of IGH Cert and the applicant. Rules have also been defined for the use of certificate and certification symbol by holders of certificates delivered by IGH Cert.
In order to obtain the certificate, the manufacturer or his authorized representative has to fill in the APPLICATION and send it to the IGH Certification Committee, and this action marks the start of the certification and certificate delivery procedure.
Certificates delivered by IGH can be seen at Institut IGH d.d. web site, subject to approval of each certificate holder:
·          First accreditation
·          Last accreditation
·          Authorizations
·          Conformity certification rules
·          Rules relating to the use of certificates

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