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Institut IGH offers to the producers of construction products the high-quality services of assessment and verification of constancy of performance for construction products, according to the Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011, better known as Construction Products Regulation, which lays down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products. Furthermore, we offer assessment according to the Act on Construction Products of the Republic of Croatia for products that are not covered within the harmonised European regulations. Experts for different product groups are available to answer all enquiries of producers, related to assessment and marking of products with CE and C marks.

In case you have any enquiry related to the marking construction product with CE or C marks, please fell free to contact us: goran.puz@igh.hr ; Phone +385 1 6125 475


As a Notified Body to the European Commission pursuant to the Regulation 305/2011, Institut IGH is listed under the number 2477 on the Internet pages of the NANDO data base. The Internet page allows checking the scope of application, i.e. the product standard, pursuant to which it is possible to perform the third party activities in the harmonised area.

As an Approved Body, Institut IGH performs the assessment and verification of constancy of performance services in the non-harmonised area, i.e. for those construction products that are not covered by harmonised European standards, but are subject to Croatian standards.





Institut IGH is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency according to the standard EN 45011:1998 Certification of Construction Products. Accreditation comprises approximately 300 product standards, which makes us one of the most versatile institutions engaged in the construction products assessment in this part of Europe.


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